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Choptank Fishing tonight

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Well finally got some time off to do some fishing. ;) Intend to fish the Tank high tide (around 10 PM) tonight. I'll be there between 6-8 PM on the "long side" about 3/4 of the way down if anyone wants to join me.

I should be able to make the Tank cleanup.
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Greetings Sandcrab!

Eagerly waiting for your report! I'm assuming the "long" side is the Talbot side I've heard that its a quarter mile longer than the one mile Cambridge (Dorchester) side.
Oh yeah MJ it is the long side. So long even my 25 year old a$$ gets tired when I get to the end!:D
Really slow at the Tank

Fished Saturday evening from 8:30 PM until around 3 AM. Lots of small croakers being caught with some catfish mixed in. Broke in the new braided line (Stealth) with a 30 minute tuggingh battle between me and a large cownose ray that had to be at least 36" in diameter and weighed at least 50 lbs(?). This is one tough line that almost impossible to break! :D

Two highlights of the evening made the night.

1. Some bozo decided to due some drag racing on the pier with his hot mustang! 50 mph down to the end of the pier dodging everyone in it's way! Of course after he left the DNR man showed up...

2. Lots of spot being caught! :) Small ones but a good sign!
Greetings Sandcrab!

Did you try livelining any of those spot? The spot and small croakers are great forage for rock....
I can't believe some idiot did that

not liveline the spot that is!
Just kidding. I thought there was a gate at the beginning to keep cars off. Was it open?
Gate was wide open

Saw people catching spot as I was leaving. I did not catch any.
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