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My grandson and I fish through the winter from shore over at Chickahominy, which is just across the James. We do REAL GOOD. Suggest you buy a couple of live eels and cut one into 4 inch lengths and fish on bottom rig with 6/0-9/0 circle hooks. Setup a bunch of stuff, including small rods with night crawlers for the small channel, blues, or flathead catfish. Night time is superb, but any low light part of the day with high tide is good. Look around and find some DEEPER WATER close enough you can cast to. I have been to Chippokes many times but have not fished there...yet.
Our secret bait is eel or striped bass belly meat cut into strips. That can be DEADLY...so if you catch legal stripers, save the belly meat.
I never fool around with catfish store bought bait, because I have no faith in it and have caught nothing worth mentioning on it. If you just GOTTA buy something, buy some big minnows and fish 'em on he bottom. Whole and live or cut.
Now, we don't put advice on the 'net for nothing ....we expect and trust that you will report in on how you do!
Oh,yes...be sure to carry a small whetstone or file with you for touching up the tips of your hooks. Makes a difference.

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Report from Chipoakes:

Limited river access from state Park and what access you do have closes at dusk... a few small cats from Hogs Island Wildlife Management Area down the road. All caught on cut bait.
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