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you fellow fisherman won't believe it. went fishin after work yesterday. got in my new 12 ft boat, revved up the 4 horses and took off for the island straight out frm cherrystone's piers. there had been several reports of fins popping up there. fished with cut blue and croaker. pulled in several small sharks, all of which had trailer sharks follow them to the surface. NOW WE COME TO THE EXCITING PART. i was pulling in a good size sand shark an what followed it to the surface? not a ray, not a blue, not another whimp shark, but an estimated 30-40 lb COBIA!!!!!!!! it took one look at me and my garcia big game reel and took off like a shot to the deep. but for you cherrystone frequenters, you know that "the islnd" isn't too far from the pier. so tomarrowi'm slingin eels and croaker on the high tide in search for my first cobe. see you around te campfire!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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