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Cherry grove report

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Hey fellas,
Got out early this morning trying to get some bait on fishbites. Pulled in a whiting and he turned into bait for the big rods. Had a screamer go off and got it hooked but couldn't turn it. About spooled me and had to lock it down. Broke off but had 3 more screamers but no hookups on those. No other fish were caught on the fishbites. Hopefully find a red. Tight lines fellas!!!
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I was out there today also. Fished midway down the pier right around the hump. Had a decent spot run from about 9-1030. Caught about 20. The guys next to me did even better. I caught mine on fishbites bloodworm. Saw a kid a little further up hook a 5-6 pound black drum. He had it whipped when an older guy came over to handline it up. He had it close to the top rail but tried to swing it over too soon and clunked it off the rail and back into the water it went. There were groans all around.

Which part of the pier were you fishing on?
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