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Cheaters busted in Ohio LEWT tournament

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These 2 scumbags have been caught cheating twice before in PA.. They won over $300,000 and new boats. They will most likely go to jail and were lucky no one killed them at the weigh ins. Supposedly won the last 3 tournaments. I am guessing they cheated in every one.
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Weekend fishing Log:

Active Pre Tournament Practice day, My Partner and I discussed tactics and areas where we wanted to fish. We caught several big ones, that we decided to attach to floating GPS Markers we set up anchored out Mid Lake in an area not frequented by Anglers or anyone else due to being way out in the middle of the big lake.

First day of Tourney we decided to play it cool and just weigh in a big bag without the Christmas Candy.

Day two of the Tourney, weather forecast for Gale Force Conditions on third day of Tourney

My Partner (Shifty Rick) and I decided to go all in day two with the Christmas Candy. We rode out to our special GPS marks and picked up a 20 pound sack limit of 5 fish in no time before the weather set in. My Partner and I have been winning a lot the last few Tournaments in spite of being banned from PA Tournaments, so we felt we had to go big once again. On the way back to the weigh in the 20 pound sack turned into a 29 pound sack stuffed full of Santa (Shifty Rick's)
Christmas Candy.

Well the rest is history or was History since our new Lund is just a memory now that we had to give the keys back to that loudmouth announcer with the filet knife.

And ist now my fat ass wife is complaining that the folks at Dairy Queen are refusing to serve her.
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