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There are three, maybe four openings on a six man trip being set up for April 25th, either am or pm, but goes for 5 hours either one. So we can plan for the 5:50/6am leaving out of Hoopers Island or 12 noon one. The trip cost is $750 with and extra $50 tip. Total cost per angler is divided by the number of people booked. As I said the trip takes 6 fisherman, so it will be around $133 per person.

Trip Captain is Gibby Dean, the very best charter captain on the bay. It will be trolling for trophy rock. No fish , no pay rule in effect. I cannot tell you the amount of times I chartered with this guy and the successes we have had. If he cannot find them, they are not there, period. The boat is a Jones and its big, really big. His old boat was the Double D, but thats now for sale and he got an even larger Jones. So trip date is not booked yet, and can be adjusted, but for trophy stripers, that is the date to fish. Any interest contact me directly on [email protected] and let me know if you prefer am or pm. Personally I like am, but its early. Leaving from Baltimore it would take a good 2 hr. drive. They have a filet table on the dock or bring a plastic trash can or very large cooler. Bring your own drinks and eats , he provides none. Let me know two things, date prefered and am or pm. I suggested the 25th of April olny because that is the best time for trophy stripers. I definately got 2 anglers booked up, so only 4 spots are left. One guy is letting me know, but from past experiences thats usually a no. Once you are booked you are booked and need to send in a full payment of $133.00, no getting around that and no refunds will be issued. You can change fisherman without a problem if you cannot go but another can. I will give you directions in about a weeks time.
Peter Creager
email me at [email protected]
I posted this on Maryland section only because of the logistics , but its open to anybody who reads.
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