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Hey there fellow survivors. How is everyone getting along? Things here in Williamsburg are slowly improving in that we have power, cable, and phone service again. Unfortunately though, many folks here and elsewhere are still without some or all of these luxury's. My wife and I share the grid with a local hospital, and I attribute that to the speedy recovery of said services. Also, there are some gas stations and food establishments open, and I heard last night that the Lowe's and Wal-mart had reopened. So here, things are on the upswing. The majority of the damage here was from the wind, which really did a number on the trees. Just unbelievable. I have traveled to and from Gloucester several times during and since the storm, and things there have been slower to return. I did see power at the Wal-mart there yesterday afternoon and some gas stations had opened(long lines) for cash sales along route 17. The area(s) near the water are completely devestated. I ventured to my folks place the AM after the main blow was done and was just shocked at the devestation. It took some time just to get to there property. They live in Ware Neck and the roads there are a wee bit rural(no lines) and eventually are just gravel protrusions splinntering onto the peninsula. The entire place had been under 3 feet of water and the wind damage on the water was extensive. There nearby neighbors houses were all flooded and totaled. My folks home interior was spared by 2 inches, but all there belongings were in the garage, as they'd recently moved and were remodeling the inside of the house. The garage flooded. The porch flooded. 2 trees fell on the roof, 1 thru it. The screened porch is GONE, and the debris in the yard is 3 feet deep in many areas of the property and includes pieces from piers, docks, channel marker(s); pole included, and dead fish in the yard, including lots of bait species and juvenile Speckled Trout. The boat lift was up-rooted, and the dock is gone. The only apparent positive thing we could see was that the beach out front had doubled in size, becoming longer and much wider. 2 out of 3 neighbors have declared a complete loss. 1 family just up and left, putting the remains up for sale. My family and I are going to dig out and move on, but this is truly devestating. My parents recently retired and had hopes of relaxing and remodeling their home. Now, there time will be spent restoring some level of normalcy to the place and spending lots of money on clean-up and replacement of furniture, and the must haves. We will prevail!
I wrote this to share my experience with you guys on this natural disaster. I can certainly relate to any and all of you who suffered a loss on any level, and of any type, in relation to Isabel. My heart goes out to you. I wish my hands could, but the picture is clearly painted before me what I must do. This is not a call for help, rather PLEASE, if any of you out there have the means, go see a friend/ neighbor and lend a hand. One idea is, find some ice and water, and donate it to a stranger in an area that needs it. Most important, hug each other, smile, and be good neighbors. After all, we still have each other. Well, I'm off to ground zero. Ya'll be safe. Fish On

Oh ya, (insert word that rhymes with truck) Isabel

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