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CDOG 6-12oz

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Hey cdog whats the scoop on the 12'OM? Did the weight rating change? My brother ordered one same model number I have but its rated for 6-12. I thought it was a misprint. what up..........geo
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Hey Geo,when th OM first came out it was rated 5-9 as you prolly know. Well for a change a rod maker under rated their rod. ;) They went back an did what they do to test th rating an came back with a rating of 6-12oz.Which from what I have heard makes sense as it is really hard to load under 8oz.Hopefully I'll be getting one for my birthday. :D
Thanks cdog that was a quick reply. Alot of people have always said that those rods were capable of throwing more than 8+. I prefer throwing 6.5 to 7.5 oz on mine depending on how much libation Ive had throughout the day ;) The only beef I have with mine is the size of the eyes but havent had much of a problem with my shockleader knot and I tie a big one........grip it and rip it......geo
Hey Geo,what do you have on th OM.Ya use Calcutta dont ya?
I have a calcutta on one and a slosh 30 on another. Thinking about getting the newer 30
to throw on another om collecting dust in my garage.........geo
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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