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Went out there today and the only action was some small blues and croaker. Fished from 3pm till about 6:30. Is illegal to hookup with those sandbar sharks. I know it is illegal to fish for shark in VB now but who's to say I was trying. :D
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i was just reading the reg and it doesnt say you cant catch any shark it really doesnt say you cant fish for them as far as i can tell its a commercial problem? maybe i read this wrong. please correct me. also i have fished for stripper with spot head and done well could i be ticketed if they think its a shark set up??
so no chumming but i can still through a head out there. right ?? that would be good enough for me. i dont really target them but i dont dodge them either. i usually through a hunk out there on my heavy and use lighter tackle and lures while i wait.

1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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