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Me and FL Fisherman fished CBBT all day friday from 730am to 930pm. We caught 45 Croaker. We were fishing all the way at the end of the pier in the center and the left corner. Used squid for bait. Bite was on only during the tide change.

There was a guy next to us that was using shrimp on 2 small bass poles and he was catching croaker all day. He must of caught 70+ and he keep every one. He did throw back the 23 inch Rock.

Bottom line:
1. Medium to Horse Croakers
2. Shrimp best bait followed by Squid and something was nibbling on cut bait but nothing caught.
3. Bite is steady during incoming and outgoing tide.
4. Bring sun block(A MUST)

PS: We stopped at the York Ditch on our way home today and nothing was biting. Also fished the beach near the Coleman Bridge Croaker and Striper were being caught on Bloodworm. Cut bait was not working at all.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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