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After Turkey Day, a day-time launch was in order Again, going after some bigger Striper, but we'll take what we can get. Always switching up techniques, I decided to troll a tried and true buck-tail rig..

There was a light chop going on out there.

The Harvard rowing team captain showed up..but he didn't have any baits out.:confused:

We traversed a large amount of water, out to the 1st island and back, but all the fish (not big) seemed to be pressed up against the beach.

So, schoolies it was.

And a nasty rats-nest, I love, yet hate braid.

So no big ones today. I don't know what the word on the sandbar is, but the daddy's seem to know when they've got a warrant out for 'em. They're buddy's won't talk either when they're apprehended

I feel bad for beating up the kids when their parents just wait in the depths and watch.:D

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