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Caught some yellow perch this morning.

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oAbout time! Caught 4 or 5 yellow perch, two bass one pickerel, and about 5 bluegill. The water was nice and clear today. All caught on the little tube bait on a light jig head under a bobber. It is very close to real good fishing. I have a true story that is hard to believe. This morning a guy ask me if I was catching anything. Then we started talking. I told him I just moved here from FL. in May last year. He says, I just moved here from FL. in the summer. He ask, where did you live in FL. I said Venice. He I lived in North Port. That is about 30 Min. from Venice. Then as we are talking I said I am really from Kent Island/ Stevensville. He says, I am from Stevensville. He said I can't believe this. He said I moved to FL. from Stevensville in 2000. I was laughing and said, I moved from Stevensville to FL. in 2000.
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Andy, great story! Good to hear you're having some fishing success too! :fishing:
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