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catman are you out there

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How did you do Sat.and what bait did you all use,how many fishies did you catch and what,don't hold back,tell Uncle Trigger the truth.
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Trigger...Didn't fish this weekend. I was planning on going Saturday but made other plans when the f***ing weatherman forecasted heavy rain. Today would have been a bitch with gusts to 25 knots blowing across the pier. Got to do a semi family reunion thing next weekend so I'll have to play it by ear.

Catman and Trigger,

First off just wanted to say it was a pleasure fishing with you catman. I enjoyed your company and your expertise on saltwater fishing. And if Trigger is even half as good a person as you said I think I would get along with him too. We will have to get together again some time. Thanks for dealing with the 13 poles and two teenagers. If you get a chance shoot me that pic of the ray we caught. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply have been busy at the pentagon all week and had my son this past weekend. Hope to meet up with you guys again soon. tight lines :)
FLF- catman is #1 ace in my book,a person who you could look up to,knows his stuff.I'll be out at the Tank tomarrow with two buddies(first time pier fishing for them)so what I have learned from catman I'll use it to show them.Buy the way catman,instead of my small Jeep now I have a new truck(that the wife bought me one)I guess I'll keep her for awhile. :D :D
What are you doing at the Pentagon? I work there occasionally. :rolleyes:
Big Rad I was giving the smallpox vaccine to all the soldiers there the past week. It is still going on for the next month but I was tasked only for last week. I don't like that place to much though. Too high strung! I got on the escalator and was pushed to the side by all the people running up the elevator. :eek: I admit I forgot my manners though cause I was standing in the middle of it and forgot to go to right side. I work at dewitt hospital at ft belvoir normally. A lot quieter there. ;)
Trigger...Thanks for the compliment. Nice of your wife to buy you a new ride, plenty of room now. Hope you and your buddies knock them dead. I'm not going to be able to get out this weekend, Saturday I have a family thing and Sunday my wife is going with me to look at a boat - 25' ProLine walkaround. :D :D

Jason...Between you and trigger I'll need a bigger hat. :rolleyes: Thanks man. Your email address isn't in your profile. Send me an email and I'll reply with the photos. You really caught my interest talking about Tica rods so I bought a 10'6" one today. Can't wait to try it out. You made casting the 15'heaver look soo easy, damn if I can do it. :mad: You, Trigger, and myself will have to get together soon and fill some cooler boxes.

Talk to you guys later. :)

Catman. :) :) ;)
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catman check pm's

yeah casting that 15ft isn't that bad it is reeling a fish in from that far out that is the problem :D
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