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Good info from the MD DNR Site


Catch and Release is an important part of recreational fishing. The survival of a released fish is dependent on the angler and the handling of the fish. Practice catch and release by using the following steps:

STEP 1 - Plan Ahead

Know fishing rules, minimum sizes and creel (number) limits.
Use tackle heavy enough to bring the fish in quickly.
Have tools ready - net, de-hooker, and camera!
Use barbless hooks - they are easier to remove.
STEP 2 - Handling Your Catch

Keep fish in the water whenever possible.
Use knotless or rubber net.
If you must handle fish:
Get your hands wet or use wet gloves or rags.
Calm fish by covering eyes with a wet towel or by turning it onto its back.
Do not touch the gills or eyes.
Do not remove the protective slime.
Do not allow the fish to flop on the deck of the boat.
Return to the water quickly - maximum time out of the water should be less than 15 seconds.
STEP 3 - Removing the Hook

Be quick and careful.
Remove hook if possible.
Grasp fish with firm grip on its lower jaw or hold gently in palm of your hand.
Use the proper tools:
J style de-hooker
Deep-throat de-hooker
Release gaff
Long-nose pliers
STEP 4 - Releasing the Fish

Return fish to the water quickly and gently.
Move exhausted fish slowly through water to force water through its gills.

Maximum time out of the water should be less than 15 seconds.
Use heavy tackle to bring fish in quickly.
Be more careful when the water temperature is above 70oF.
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