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Casting when Wading

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I was lucky enough to meet up with the Capitol Longcasters this Saturday. Good group of people, and very helpful. I went from 250 to 400 feet with a few pointers. My question is - What casting technique do you guys use when you are thigh deep in surf? The Brighton and off-the-ground both start with the sinker on the ground. Will these techniques load the rod properly if the weight and bait are in 3 feet of water? There would be extra resistance at the begining of the cast because of the water.
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old bay,
go over to the hatteras outfitters board, tres has a video of the "hatteras cast", useable when wading. you gotta look for it, it's somewhere on the board.
Hi Oldbay,

It was a pleasure to meet you on Saturday. You are a very quick study. Most people use the Hatteras cast while wading. It wills end a sinker a long way. Neil MacKellow is scheduled to teach the Aerialized Ground cast (AGC) at the clinic. It is covered in his current video.

A sample video...

After watching Peter Thain cast well over 600 feet with 25# line to catch a puppy drum (26-1/2") on the back side of the sand bar in Hatteras, I prefer to keep my feet dry. The drum hit the George Foreman Grill that night. If you enjoy wading, you show the Hatteras cast and have fun. However, the AGC will out perform it in water up to around three feet once you get the hang of it. The Hatteras cast in better if you are in a tight group. The AGC requires more room, but you'll get a better load on the rod. My number is listed below, you can use anytime.
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