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casting reel question-

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what would be a good baitcasting reel to go with my sealine-x 11' 1102hrb rod. I was thinking about a penn 525 mag, but really didn't want to spend that much. Is there another reel on the market that is resonable and easy to use. I am new to baitcasting, but have done alot of spinning surf fishing. I just don't want the birdsnests that I have have heard about. `Someone told me that the okuma convector was a good casting reel. Does diawa or any other manufacturer make a resonablly priced casting reel. Thanks
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there are a lot of excellent reels to look at to do the job. but like anything else you will get what you pay for. the best advice i can give you is to try some one's reel to see how you do. also think about ' not the cost of the reel, but the cost of the line you use learning. with a little instruction you can learn pretty fast. the less expensive reels will take a lot more learning. so check out the cost of a couple spools of line[1 lb. spools]. you might save money by buying the penn or an ambassaduer.
Abu 6500 ctc3 (mag or blue rocket), daiwa shv 20 or the 525 penn. All good choices.

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