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Yesterday at Kenilworth Park casting practice we had a number of new casters including a very talented lady named Roselyn. She broke 300 feet on her first day out. I can see 400 feet just around the corner for her. We also meet Jeremy. Jeremy set a goal of 400 feet. After a few pointers, it appeared that Jeremy reached 395-405 feet. The field was a little wet so we could not run a tape.

After practice eight of us including two women went to Sandy Point State Park to pull Croakers. As soon as the storm passed we hit the beach. In the first ten minutes, Larry Ayers was off to the races with two rods bending. He had four before I had my first. I think that we fished for 2-1/2 to 3 hours. The bite was moderate but steady. We stopped just after dark. After watching our steady catch, other anglers began asking questions about our bait, equipment and techniques. One fisherman stopped fishing to ask for lessons on the spot. So Larry Brooks, the current 2003 National AA champion, gave him a few tips. The fisherman added immediate distance to his cast. He had a big smile on his face as he went back to fishing.

It was a fun day of casting and catching.
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