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Afternnon folks, sry for getting out a Late report today...
Water was, Choppy, rough, (drummy water), yet pretty dern clear...
It's still warm... the water..
Wind was blowing outta the NE 15+, I guess, current wasn't to bad either..
Just it was getting kinda "grassy" just hard enough to keep a line in the Surf, for a Short Length of time before getting pulled down the beach.... Yeah Sargassum weed...
Met Finger_Mullet this morning on the beach, Offered a ride to Da Fort, though I declined, I had enough of Grassy business....(It was really nice to Meet ya guy, though I was bummed out over so much grass & wind)..
Anyways, I caught, on fresh Shrimp...
3 Pinfish in about a hour....
Hope other's done/Do better....
Looks like a so-so weekend Shaping up..
I didn't see NO Sandfleas today...
No Mullet running
No birds diving, (much less even flying)
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