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Decided to try on the Third day..
Water STILL @ 82, Water STILL King Green
Winds were CALM until after 12pm then picked up outta the South-SouthEast after The Tide change, (High to Falling) 10~20 mph..
Temps were not bad, cloudy & overcast skies..
No King Strikes until after the tide change & winds made the water choppy, then it was on....
5 Kings decked & several lost to various reasons..
The were hitting on the SIDES of the pier, NOT the front!
We were catching blue Runners & Grass Shad for bait...
LOTS of ALBIES were caught yesterday on JIGS...
Lots of Bonito were crashing baiting..
Few, If any Finger Mullet were seen..
Some Pogies were spotted cruising the beach..
Some LARGE Blues caught on cut bait strips today..
Some Spanish, were caught on BOTTOM RIGS & Sabkies..
Surf Zone was producing POMPS, Flounder, of course pinfish & a few Lady Fish..
SMALL Flounders were also caught...
SOME SPOTS, very, very few.. scattered,,,, but the are starting to filter in ,, (fresh shrimp folks).... Little bigger than hand size..
One feller got down in a Hole in the surf on the Left side of the Pier that has formed recently... A very NICE Slew, right beside the pier..
He managed to catch at LEAST, 10 Slot PUPPY DRUM, and quite a few Black Drum for His efforts, giving some away after He reached his Limit...
Small croakers & Whiting just before Daylight.. on fresh shrimp..
Some of those croakers are getting Larger,, (12 inches or so..) :D
Things are looking great folks, (Barring Matty coming).. Lets Hope He stays off the Coast.. and, OTS.. :confused:
Though BEFORE He gets close ,, say about 3 days out,, TRY to get in Fishing time, It almost ALWAYS is very, VERY, excellent just before one rolls up the coast, this time O' year...
If We get Hit.. You can say goodbye to almost EVERY Pier North of Oak Island..
Lets Hope that doesn't happen
Tight Lines Folks!
Try to post another report this week Tuesday, or Wednesday...
Catch'em up!
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