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Capital Longcasters

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Is anybody going to be practicing at Anacostia Park, this Saturday 7/5/03 , if so at what time? I need to get my casting technique tuned up. Last year I bought the Breakaway video, and seem to do that Unicast, pretty well, probably somewhere around 400- 450 feet . The other off the ground cast where you twist around more, before you initiate the cast , my direction is off and I'm flattening out on that. I've never seen anybody do the pendulum cast , I'd like to see someone do that.
My equipment is a twelve foot Ugly Stick. This is not a store bought rod , but an ugly stick blank I bought and wrapped myself.
I use an Abu Garcia 6500-Ultrcast.
What's a good reel oil to use? This stuff I bought at Walmart, seems to be doing me more harm than good.

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Right name wrong park. There are two casting clubs in DC, Potomac and Capital. Potomac practices are held at Anacostia park while Capital practices are held at Kennilworth park.

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