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Cape May area in July?

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What could I catch there in July? From the surf preferably, I mainly fish for catfish here so I have a few rods that would probably work. An 11' ugly big water with an okuma abf 80 Bait feeder 25lb big game mono, two 9' MH whuppin sticks with Penn fierce ll 6000 live liner's 20lb big game mono. And a couple 9' ugly gx2 rods with Mitchell 300s spooled with 10-15lb mono. And one ugly tiger 7' H with a fierce 7000 and 65lb braid

Hooks from #1 octopus up to 7/0 with a lot of mustad 3/0-4/0 live bait hooks.

Weights from 1/4oz-1oz eggs, 1oz-5oz flat no rolls, and some 3oz pyramids.

My plan so far is to drive 4-4.5hrs buy some various baits (not sure what kinds can be bought there) and cast them into the water...

I'd be happy with catching anything, rays, skates, sharks, dogfish, blues. Almost anything but crabs that is.

Also willing to fish at night if that'd be easier to find a place without worrying about so many swimmers
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You are most likely to catch Bluefish or Fluke in July. Though the usual plethora of what we in Nj know as 'junk fish' as well which includes the dogfish, skates, and serobins will also be in the mix.
Unfortunately, for Surf Fishing July is one of the worst months in NJ. You may be better off jumping on a pier to fish instead.
This link has a list of NJ piers.
Interesting enough, many people are starting to eat 'junk' fish as more and more the NJ Regulations are keeping people from Keeping anything. Good luck on your trip.
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