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This is a combo report from last week. We hit Cape Henlopen on about 7 pm thinking we were going to kill. We set-up near the end of the pier. We were using bw, squid and shrimp. The baby croakers were in full effect. Mostly all under 7 inches and none stop action until being tangling with fellow fishermen. Everything went back in the wash since they were too small. Catch and release action. Other fishermen were able to catch a few decent spots but it was real slow. I haven't fished here in several years and its ashame they rebuild the t on that pier. We left to fish another day. The next stop was Delaware Seashore Park. It was a very nice beach and a good opportunity to fish, enjoy the beach and get some sun! My buddy caught a whiting within 5 minutes. We thought it was going to be great ....not so fast....all of us catch sharks and I guess a lot of crabs were stealing bait. another fisherman was busy chumming with a bazooka gun and catching stink rays. I pulled in a nice 13 inch whiting. It was high tide but the fishing didn't improve. It was a good trip with the fellas to get out but definitely thought we would be able to catch some fish to cook. Keep on fishing...tight lines folks..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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