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Cape Fear River/Caswell Beach

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Hey everyone! Coming home to Southport this weekend...can anyone tell me if anything's being caught in the river? What about Caswell Beach? Several weeks ago, it sounded like they were slaying the drum down there, but haven't heard anything since. Appreciate any help...thanks!!
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I have no recent knowledge of that area. If no boat, shore should produce whiting, black drum, puffers, spot? on shrimp. Perhaps blues and p-drum om cut mullet. Also spec trout on lures. good luck. -- glenn
Glad you got to go! My post was in hopes others would post pics of larger trout. During that time frame I saw several caught 5+. I missed out. I have had many trips that I would have loved to have caught one spec!! best -- glenn
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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