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I got there 7:00 PM Tuesday. It was pretty calm for the first hour and I caught about 4 spots and 4 smaller sized croakers. It started to get real windy, but thankfully no thunderstorm in the immediate area. From 8:00-10:00 caught 2 more larger croakers and more spots.

I began to observe mars, as I was getting bored. I caught a male crab. I cut him into pieces and threw on the harbor side. Within 3 minutes, a few small taps followed by a major rod bend. I knew I had something good. Fought for about 5 minutes. I got the fish over the pier and pop he came right off the hook. It was a 4-5 lb grey sea trout.

I promptly put some more fresh crab. Within 2 minutes, I hear line coming off the spool from my baitrunner and the pole is about to go over. I feel something huge and my adrenline is pumping. I am thinking to myself that this has got to be a monster trout. Line is going left and right and I am very careful with it since I use fairly light line. The fish is pulling drag about 3 times. Finally the fish is kinda close and I shine a light. Darn, it was a huge sting ray. I thought for sure I had the world record sea trout. I was shocked because, I have caught over 200 sting rays in my life but maybe once did I ever catch one on a crab. The bite was so close to the prior fish, on a rather slow night that I thought for sure it was another trout.

The following morning, I ran out of crabs. I used cut spots and hooked into more monster sting rays. My line had taken some damage from pulling drag the night before and I lost about 3 rigs on the monster stingrays. The fishing for the other species was slower than the night before. I caught more spots, croakers and lost one blue fish. I fished for flounder and I didn't see a single one.

I have been there 5 times in the last 2 months and this was the slowest. The wind changed directions in the morning. But, by far the grey trout made my trip even though I broke a tip on one of my prized rod (my fault, stupidity).

Man I sure would like to catch more sea trouts like I used to in the old day. The 12 inch limit is asinine and I hope they bump it up to at least 16 inches.
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