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New Projects

E. Cape Charles Fun Pier, Jennie Rogers Moore, Town of Cape Charles, $300,000.
Ms. Moore stated the pier extension and repair would provide excellent fishing opportunities that are currently not available. It would also increase the safety of the area by eliminating the unauthorized fishing access to the jetty. Mr. Rhodes asked if the platform was going to be placed at the end of the jetty. Ms. Moore stated that the platform would not be placed at the end of the jetty. Mr. Ligon asked if there is going to be a fee charged and who will take care of the maintenance. Ms. Moore said that there will be no fee charged and the city will handle the maintenance and operations.


If they build a fishing pier extention towards the end of the jetty be sure to make a trip. The water there is quite deep due to being right next to the harbor (lots of drop offs) and you can catch everything (cobia, flounder, red and black drum, stripers, blues, trout, spot, sea bass, porgies, roundheads, spot, croaker, puffers, spanish mackerals, togs, etc. etc.). It has a tremendous variety of good fish. The fishing pressure is low due to being on the EAstern Shore. Getting to the end of the jetty is quite dangerous, but never disappointing. The current pier does not go to the deep water and you can't fish the harbor side due to too much sea grass. This is not the case if they build this pier extension. The other side of the harbor is pretty shallow with the current pier and only fishable during high tide. You would not believe the fishing towards the end of the jetty which is why so many still go there unauthorized. Some of the most incredible fishing ever experienced for me was there. Visit the web site and call for your support. I hope it happens soon. This place is a fish magnet and beats Kiptopeke hands down. Just think, you have good structure. Lots of drop offs. Deep harbor side and sandy side. Heck, it will be free to boot! In short, a shore fishermen's dream.
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