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Can't find a schematic for this reel

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I have an Ambassadeur 5000 that I cannot find a schematic that matches. I have owned this reel for at least 25 years. I have looked for a schematic that shows a reel with this clicker assembly. The number on the reel foot id 060606 or 090909. I have stripped it down to use for surf casting and added bearings rather than the older bushings. I had to get 03-10-04 bearings and then sand down the spool axel. Works better now, but in looking for a matching schematic, I could not find one. Any thoughts?
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Try doing a google search on
abu garcia ambassadeur 5000 parts
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Go join the Alan Tani reel repair site!
It is also a public forum, if you do not wish to join, but can find all the information you need there!
Great group of guys there and have helped me many times already!
What color is the handle on that reel and the frame?
What exactly are you trying to accomplish, besides looking for the schematic?
Are you trying to order parts or OCD like me and just want to have it lol!
I have done many searches of ABU reel schematics, and have yet to find one with this click assembly. I have even tried other sizes. This reel could be as old as the 1970s. I started my reel repair shop back then. I sold out all my parts in 1996 to the new owner. After he died, all the parts finally went to ebay. I should have kept the auto parts folding list of schematics I had back then. I have all the parts I need, and have even replaced the bushings with 3x 10x 4 bearings. I had to thin the spool shaft to do that. I used 1500 to 3000 grit paper for that. Works fine but I just can't find any information on it.
Need to see a handle picture of that Abu!
When they were making the 5000’s, Way back when, they did not letter them right away!
Si, if it’s the reel I’m thinking of, it was called the 5000 with a clicker for years, until eventually, they started going by letter and foot numbers!
I’m thinking that Abu is older than 1970 also, but I’ve been wrong many times lol!
There are so many different ones, it’s just silly lol!
Search Google for Ambassadeur 5000B (1969) schematic and it should pop up. It's on reelschematics dot come.
Slosh, your link doesn't work. Excessive, I am sure the large black handle is something I put on the reel much later than when I first got it. I do have a much smaller red handle with "white" knobs. I think that the frame is also a newer addition.
Try this,hopefully I’m allowed to do this!
And yes, that is the reel I thought it was, with the small white handles knobs!
And also, you did not need to modify that axle either!
They actually make the bearings that fit that oddball!
3.2x10x4 is the size you were looking for, for that particular size axle!
I have that set, but they are very similar to mine, but the clicker is much different or not there at all.
3.2x10x4 is the size you were looking for, for that particular size axle!
Thanks. I hadn't known that, but I have successfully thinned down both ends of my spool, and the results are very good. Knowing that the 5000B spool (8743) is the right one, I will see if I can find one so that I can keep the reel as original as possible. Right now, I can't use the old bushings. I have a source of OLD parts hopefully I can find the matching spool. If I get the right spool, I will order the 3.21x10x4 bearings.
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Thank you Slosh, your second link did work but it wasn't to the 1969 version. I did find it going through ALL the listed model B reels. My Ambassadeur 5000 reel. It is an early version of the 5000B (1969) Many (not all,) parts are found in different iterations of the 5000. I am making a spreadsheet so I can compare parts with my reel. Currently I would like to find a spool (9171) a drive shaft (5188,) and Handle lock nut (5182,) My handle nut is a replacement along with the locking cap and screw for the larger handle. The schematic shows two different side plates the side plates. The side plate I have is from 1968. Prior to that there was no clicker at all, and then shortly after a different clicker connection was introduced. !968 was the first year I was doing reel repairs, and may have been the year I got this reel.
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