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200pm - 400pm canaveral surf
I got done with work early today and decided it was so nice I would have to head to the beach. I got down to Apollo Beach #4 (#5 was full) about 1:45pm. I talked to a few guy on the way to the spot I picked out from the ramp. They each had 1 pompano and were catchin small whitting. First cast on the long rod caught a 12'to fork pompano, then started catching witting. As the hours went by the Whitting stared getting bigger. the last one before I left was 15". When I started tide was low slack, was just staarting to come in good when I left at 4pm. I ended up catching 6 keeper whitting and the Pompano. I also caught 1 blue but was just under legal. Was really nice on the beach, trunks and shirtless, got to love it. Excellent afternoon on the beach!!!! :D :D :D Will post pic of Pomp when developed!! :)
Dinner was awsome!!
:D :D
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