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Can someone Sufix Superior?

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I'm looking for the European 80lb neon orange .75mm, I don't care about the spool size.Thanks in advance, Charlie
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Hi Charlie,

I know where there are about 5 spools of it (in my box). ;)

Hey Led
I'm sure thats the answer Charlie was looking for.
Charlie, I will be at a sufix show next week and see if I can get some, I have it in the gold but not the orange.
Hi "Ron Sutton",
At this time I would like to "Officially Welcome" you to the "Distance Casting" forum.
i thought the 60#, not 80# was .75 or .80?

am i missing something?
Hey all - let us know when you come across some .28mm Hi-Vis Copoly running line also!

Sufix lists their Tritanium, Synergy, and Supreme 12lb lines as .28. Availability around here in those nice neon colors they come in is another story.
Hi Charlie, 80lb - 0.75mm Sufix Orange shocker comes on 100m, 150m or 200m spools depending on when it was obtained. Over here the 200m spools are a little under 10 bucks in my local shop. Take care all - Neil
Hi "drumchaser",
At this time I would like to "Officially Welcome" you to the "Distance Casting" forum.
princess ann dist on 17th st in va beach has the tritanium, several spools but not sure of the lb test they have.

also bought a spool of this new cajun red thats out but havnt had a chance to use it yet, anyone had any experiences with it yet, it is very inexpensive and they boast on its performance on their web site.
Have a couple of 2 kilo spools of the superior orange rated at 80lb. Have a new and more reliable source now in the UK.
Let me know if you want one, usually takes a week to 10 days.
Hi K-tom, Is a kilo the same as a 1lb. spool? Thanks, pelican man.

Over here in the UK a Kilo = 2.2lbs, so if K-tom is offering a Kilo for the same price as a Lb then it's a bargain !!

Hey K-tom, Are your spools 2 kilos each? How much line is that? How much? Thanks, pelican man
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