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Camping at Choptank?

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Is there camping allowed at Choptank? Or any place to sleep for a few hours? Planning a weekend sometime later this summer and don't want to pay a tail and a fin for a room.
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Camping isn't allowed although I've seen RV's parked in the parking lot overnight, I guess that's at their risk of being ticketed if the ranger wants to be hard-nosed.

You can have a tent on the pier during the day(?) but you have to take it down at night and it has to be out of the way of emergency vehicles. This again is the rule, I've seen tents erected at at all times. Your mileage with the ranger may vary.

Portable domiciles aside, people sleep out there all the time. I've been known to catch a catnap or two myself.
If your better half is with you make sure one person stays awake,there have been items stolen on the pier when people take a two hr. nap or have gone to the little boys or girls room,something to think about.:mad:
I was not aware of that!:mad: I thought you could pretty much trust fishing people.
May want to check DNR site

Because there was some people there a few weeks ago that were camping out for a couple days and they put a big tarp up over the area cause it was raining. DNR gave them crap every time they came down but supposedly you can have tarp up but only connected on two sides???? I have seen little pup tents out there but not sure if it is legal. Checking site is your best bet.
littlefry said:
I was not aware of that!:mad: I thought you could pretty much trust fishing people.
I haven't seen anything taken, that's not to say it doesn't happen, but I don't think it's fishermen. I see a lot of pedestrians who aren't carrying tackle come out on the pier and eye people's setups. They look more like they should be chasing young girls on a Saturday night instead of "trolling". That's why I'm gald to see the rangers back and the cash box. A dollar isn't much but it's surprising how it can keep away the riff-raff. Now if they'sd only enforce it.

The stuff I posted before about tents and camping came from the bulletin board. Filtered through my bit-error prone memory.
There's nothing posted in either parking lot about spending the night. Heck, there's usually cars on the lot 24/7. I've spent a couple of nights in my Expedition when I was too tired to drive back to Baltimore. I've even seen motor homes on the lot by the office.

Yeah I agree with catman goddess if you just want to spend night and all you want to do is fish there should be no prob taking naps in your car.
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