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CALO Sep 17-20

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Had a week of beautiful weather and a couple days of good fishing. Had decent luck Sat-Sun with the group (11 of us) catching a mix of Sea Mullet, Blues, small Flounder- none big enough for the cooler, Spanish and a few slot Reds. Also had a small ~8-10" Cobia caught. The wind changed and the fishing died Mon-Tues but the weather was still incredibly good.
The drum and mullet were mostly caught on cut mullet and some sea mullet were caught on shrimp. I had good luck throwing a bucktail with a Gulp teaser above for the blues, Spanish, and a flounder.
We had a couple of Drum get off in the suds and had two rods get hit hard enough to bend a surf pal and eventually straighten hooks when our drags were set too tight.
Overall a great trip, can't wait to get back out.
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Sounds like a great time at CALO. 👍. Good weather and good fishing.

I’ll be out there myself in October chasing drum, albies, trout and flounder. Hopefully the weather cooperates.
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