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Haven't posted in a while and thought that I would get off my lazy bum to contribute.

Premise: I haven't been able to get out too much with a baby boy on the way(which I can't wait to take fishing) but I've been hitting the C&O canal semi frequently

Been finding good success targeting larger bass and those wrangling in a few snakeheads

Lures include White z man chatter baits, plastic frogs(Stanley ribbits and Sizmic toads), hollow body frogs( Booyah pad crashers, spro bronzeeyes, lunker hunt lunker, live target) in natural colors...think white/cream bellies

I mainly looked to cover a lot of water so I kept my retrieves to be pretty fast in cadence although if you can master walking the frog they are absolutely deadly. I found most snakeheads will hit from the side and will hit multiple sides on the same cast. Also don't give up on a lure and let it drop or sit right at your feet because you never know what was stalking it. I lost a large 6lb+ plus snakehead which blew up on a plastic I let drop.

Most of the fish where found in pretty "fishy" locations. Tight to shorelines, near brush, stumps, dropoffs, fallen timber and aquatic vegetation.

I even saw two LARGE snakeheads guarding fry and was only able to pick off the smaller male

Enough talking more pictures...

There's plenty of fishing pressure and people walking/jogging/cycling so the fish are finicky sometimes. The smaller dink basses I've found don't care and will be interested in almost anything. Early morning are awesome for topwater though. If you see a Korean dude fishing on the canal say hi

Btw those snakeheads are delicious. What's your favorite recipe?

Tight lines fellas

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First, and foremost, congratulations to you and the Mrs and the new to be baby.
Don't expect much the first 2 or 3 years, but after that, it is game on.
My son and I still fish together every chance we get, and he is darn near 30...not as often as either of us would like, but we do it when we can.

Oh yea, nice fish.
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