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C&O Canal 03.11.16

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First post on the boards & first catch of 2016 for me: I walked along the C&O for a few miles above and below Great Falls. The canal dries up around Angler's Inn but is fishable above. Conditions were mostly overcast and windy but all in all a fun afternoon. Caught one LMB on a plastic minnow & jig. He put on a great show jumping out of the water two times before the catch & release. Looks like things are finally picking up! Cheers guys.


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Nail on the head...this guy was pulled from the southside of Wide Water Bob. I started with some plastic tubes but switched to a 2.5" Berkely minnow over the course of a couple hours. I like opposite the bank as well...if you can make the descent its a lot more peaceful on that side! There are a ton of nice bassy spots just north of WW as well: good transitions, some structure and a bunch of lay downs. I may head back tomorrow (that or look for some Cats near Fletcher's.)

BTW...any Perch bite up there in WW?
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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