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My B-I-L and I headed down to Buxton last weekend, we had a good trip and caught some fish, but not the drum that we went down for. As a bonus, we met dominioncaster, down at the point.

We headed out for buxton Thurs evening and pulled in around 2:30am, picked up bait at Red Drum Tackle at 5:30am, then on the beach by 6:30am. A couple hours later I called dominioncaster to let him know we were on the beach, turns out he beat us out by a good hour and was 50 or so yards up the beach. We moved up and made the introductions. The dude's loaded with some sweet gear and can throw a mean conv setup.

We got into a bunch of blues, nothing huge, but pretty constant action of 2-4 lbers. We got sandblasted all night with 25mph winds. We hooked up with a couple of sharks late night, but there was no stopping them, they'd peel off all the line, we'd tighten down the drag at the end of the spool for the breakoff. I landed a fairly large skate about 4' across. We were still waiting for the drum to hit.... headed back to the hotel around 6am.

Back on the beach Sat afternoon we met up with dominioncaster again and got ready for an evening on the beach. Blues and more blues. Later that evening we had a bunch of rods go off, and spooled a couple more times. Late night we decided to rig up with steel, my rod went off and I let the circle do it's job. It was a slow constant unwaivering run, then it parked, I knew it was another skate. After about an hour I got him in, this is easily the biggest skate I ever caught, the damn thing was right at 7' wingspan.

that finished up the trip, no drum but a damn good time. We're going back next year, early Nov.

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