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We started down to Buxton NC on New Years Eve in some rain and warm temps.
Stopped at Weeping Radish for a couple of flights.

We arrived at our Hotel and sat in some 70 degree weather watching the rain fall. Enjoyed some drinks and our neighbors company. At about 6:45 an older lady named Rota comes over and introduces herself and shakes our hands. In a quick swift moment she says she is down in Buxton for the wildlife and the great outdoors and asks us to be quiet and respect her wishes. And walks away smiling. It is 6:45 pm... it took me and the wife a few minutes to digest what she said and she was gone..
WOW these bird people are something..
Next morning behind the hotels I whipped up about 20 plus bluefish.. yet they are green my wife said. Then I caught a red drum and she says again, it is gold not red..
A small ray also.

This bird caught my blue as I released it and ate it whole.

Later the Wolf showed up.

Tackle was worked hard all day.

After the bottle was empty some guests arrived..

Next morning the bird show on the beach was awesome.

Both the wife and I hooked up on a big southern ray. She landed hers and I broke off in the last roll of surf.

I hooked a big shark and it ripped all the line off my reel.. 10 minutes later I check one of my lines and my lost line is wrapped up in the sinker. I was able to re-spool my rod and continue fishing.
Next morning I was able to catch more greens. And we said goodbye.

Ever seen the movie Nights in Rodanthe ??

This is the house it was filmed at.

and after.

Great trip.

Capt Mike
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