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It's a nippy 7 degrees on the porch this morning, got me wondering what those type of temperatures would do to the carbon and fiber wraps on a modern rod if i was nuts enough to go out and practice this morning, i do need the practice, but there's about 5 inches of snow on the field. charlie
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I have heard that graphite rods can shatter in very cold temps, but I don't remember what they considered "cold".
Hi "jklett",
At this time I would like to "Officially Welcome" you to the "Distance Casting" forum.
Cast away if you wish. 0 degree's is a spring day to carbon. Big Dave
Burr here to Big Brother! Calling for 1-3" for thurs.
White out conditions in Kinnakeet. Horizontal blizzard, blowing 25-30. Would head out on the beach, but the wind is way too strong. Sitting this one out.
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