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Buckroe Report for 6-28-03 = Slow.

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Very slow. Fished from 3:30pm to 10:00pm. One 12.5 inch grey trout. 3 croakers. and not much else. Very slow for everyone. Saw one person get a 17.5" flounder.

Overall, very slow, unproductive day. But still fun!
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Anybody know if Buckroe has got a cobe this year?
Cdog - I was at Buckroe 2 weeks ago, and saw 2 Cobias caught. One was just a pup, about 12 inches long (they caught it on shrimp about halfway down the pier). The second was taken from the end, and looked to be (from a distance) around 30 inches, maybe a bit longer. Also, on that same day, I heard there was another one caught, but I never saw or verified.
I heard mention of mid fifty pound Cobia when I fished out there last saturday. I sure they are hooking up now.
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