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Me and a buddy fished about halfway down the pier from 11:00 am until 10:00 pm (11 wonderful sun-burning hours).

Caught several roundheads (around 25). About 6 croakers (one weighed in a 1.75 pounds), some small flounders, 2 puffers, 1 oyster toad, 2 sea robins, a few medium sized spot, 1 skate, 2 black sea bass (about 2 inces long :( ), and about a dozen fish that I didn't recognize. People beside me said they were some type of perch (shaped like a spot, silver in color, about the size of your hand).

Saw one cobia landed at the end of the pier. Didn't go down to get a close look, but looked to be around 30+ inches long. People right beside us (just less than halfway down the pier), landed a cobia fishing with bloodworms/shrimp. It was about 20 inches (thrown back). Heard someone else say that another cobia was landed at the end of the pier, but never saw it. So, 2 cobias for certain (one small), but maybe 3 total.

Saw the biggest horseshoe crab I've ever seen landed.

Great day to be fishing. Used mainly squid, shrimp, bloodworms, and cut spot. Threw some metal, but no luck with it.
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