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Buckroe & Green Mile, 6/19

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Wife gave me a few hours today to fish since it was Father's Day so I headed to Buckroe this morning around 6:30-10a. Caught a small grey trout and nothing else. Didn't see much of anything caught by others in quantities except for crabs. Lots of people crabbing and when I left pier was getting pretty packed. Later on I hit Green Mile around 8p since it was still technically Father's Day and ended up with 2 medium-large croakers and hooking a cownose ray. It ended up taking another guy's bait too and proceeded to tangle up the other rod I had out. Even though it tangled up everything, it was good that 2 of us had hooked it because it was one of the bigger ones and would have taken a while to fight on my own. Broke loose right at the side of pier so we didn't have to pull it out since we didn't have a net. Overall a decent day out since it was my first time out this year. Hope I don't have to wait as long to get back out again!
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how are the roundhead and spots doing these days on vbfp
I've heard they are biting fairly well. The blues and spanish are biting pretty well too. I'd be over there in a heart beat but paying to park is keeping me away.
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