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Brand new to the sight

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I may be moving down to North Carolina in a few months. Found this sight and it looked really good. Im looking forward to get some advice for this new style fishing and hope that I can add to your already helpful forum.
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Welcome Aboard , you'll love the South , drink Sweet Tea , Don't put anything other than salt pepper butter or cheese in your Grits.

When you go out for Pizza and the sign says "New York Pizza" it's not, Just live with it , I have .

So settle in, explore the the beaches and piers , see how it's done because it's not the same as up north and enjoy
Sugar in grits......just don't do it!!! Met a feller from Illinois that said this was the way they did it.......and peanuts do not grow on trees.
Welcome. No sugar in grits but I do sugar in oatmeal. But I also do Chocolate pudding over biscuits. Some call them chocolate gravy and biscuits but we always called them pudden & biscuits. Don't know if anyone else eats that but I am from the mountains of NC. Welcome.
Never heard of the pudding and biscuits......How bout some cane syrup mixed with sour cream and dip your buttermilk biscuits in the mixture? I finally met one person about a month ago who says he grew up doing this......that's some mighty fine eating right there.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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