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Braided Line?

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I'm looking for a 300 yd. spool of 80 lb. test braided line with about the same diameter as 20 lb. mono. I will be open water fishing for sharks and dropping down beside of pier pilings for sheepshead. I would like the line to be very cast-able. Heres the question- What should I get? Thanks.
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Im sure spidewire has something around that in the same area of as what your asking for. What I would do though is spool your reel up at first with enough monofilament to cover the spool itself and then load on the wire. I have heard that it can do some dirty things to your reel but then again i have heard the oppisite to.
I think that if one doesn't put to heavy of a pound test on their reel, it will ish like regular. However, if a rod and reel is rated for 15 lb. test (about 65 lb. braid) and one puts higher than rated, one can save their rod by adjusting the drag to the line. I have seen instances where braided line dug down in itself, but it didn't cause any damage to the line or reel, all the angler had to do was pull the part that dug down in itself out and reel up slack. This weekend I saw a guy using braided line on the pier and he would cast it and pull it and make sharp, short jerks and try to get his to backlash but it didn't and I was impressed about it ability to not backlash bad like mono.
I use Power Pro Super Braid and love it. Their 80# is the same dia as 20# mono. I'm spooled with 30# and 50# now. Will spool my trolling reels with 80# in the fall when the big rock move back in.

I have mine spooled with 30#, and Glad I made the change. Stuff casts like a dream. you do need finger protection if you are casting directly off the braid though.
P.Pro is my top choice,but Berkley has a super braid out and it aint too bad.Long Bay Point and Tackle (Va Bch)has the berkeley super braid in stock.
Spiderwire Stealth braided line?

Just got a new spinner and will be spooling up with this stuff. Will let you know how it works once I check it out.
I have tried several braids, and found powerpro to be the top dog by far. I know they do the 300yd spools too. it will cost at least 25$$ but its worth it. I got 300yds of 20lb 2yrs ago, and just replaced it last week mostly because it was down to @ 120yds. If you add up how much you will spend on mono in 2 years it would be more than 25$$. also walmart probably wont have 300yds but most good tackle shops will.
Thanks guys, I'll go with Power Pro 80 lb. test @ 300 yds. I think a spool of 300 yds. is around $30. I am going to put it on a levelwind for casting for bottom fish. Thanks guys
Seafisher...Good choice, you won't be sorry.

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