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Bottom Charter out of PC

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I am looking for a charter out of Port Canaveral. Looking for snapper grouper and maybe AJ. Will probably have only 3-4 guest. Am looking for recommendations for consideration. The trip would probably be towards the middle end of March and on a tuesday. Any input would be appreciated.
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I'll spare you the trouble of calling anywhere and asking. A few years ago for my b-day I went out deep sea fishing with a few friends on a chartered boat. I'm 99.9% sure that it was Obsession charters, and I'll double check when I go home this weekend. I went out a few times and did really well. The first time we went out it was trolling off Pelican Flats...we hooked up with a bunch of dolphin and even more kings. The second time, for my b-day, it was bottom fishing. I was dead ass tired by the end of the trip, we caught 9 grouper from 5-25lbs, and even a 30lb cobia. I would strongly suggest Obsession Charters outta PC. Like I said, I'll double check on it this weekend though.
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