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Bonner Bridge Catwalk

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Anybody who likes to fish from the catwalk on the Bonner Bridge crossing Oregon Inlet should know that whichever new bridge design they finally settle on, there are NO plans to include a fishing catwalk. The state D.O.T. people are welcoming input on the subject. The person to express your opinion to is:

Ms. Beth Smyre
Project Development and Environmental Analysis Branch
1548 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, N.C. 27699-1548
[email protected]

Please let them know how much we need a catwalk to be included in the new bridge design--or as an alternative they could leave a short section of the existing bridge as a fishing option.
If you have time, old-fasioned letters through the mail work best, if not, at least shoot off some emails. Now is the time to speak out before it is too late.
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Rumor Has It . . .

they're looking at just taking out the center span of the existing bridge and leaving the two approaches as fishing piers. Florida did the same thing years ago with the Sunshine Bridge ( I believe that's the name ) with great results.
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