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Headed down to Bogue Inlet pier on Saturday. I’d heard reports of some very big pompano and spot, so I was hoping to fill my frying pan. Well, the reports are true, but the fishing is difficult due to the tremendous numbers. Still, I had a great time and caught enough for at least two family dinners.
I hit the pier around 6 am. There had just been a nice run of Spanish at the end but I wouldn’t find out about that until later. Instead I went looking for pompano right at the surf line. Fishing the middle of the pier was impossible because the spot crew was poised and ready, though there was no action yet. Some pompano did show up, however, and they were nice-sized. I got a couple, and those around me did well. So far, a good start on dinner.
Unfortunately, what followed was about 3 hours where nothing much happened for me. That is unless you count ladyfish (I don’t) of which I caught three big ones. There were also some small spots, the inevitable pinfish, and some tiny whiting. I had to amuse myself by watching the flounder fishermen. This was amusing, however, as there were a lot of big flounder being netted up to the decks. One was at least 6 lbs. The flounder were hitting live minnows and strip cut bait equally.
Dr. Bogus was around too, helping to run a kids’ tournament. The youngsters seemed to be having a good time. I even saw one catch a baby cobia, which Dr. B quickly instructed him to return to the water. I was having fun, but not catching much.
Then a small shower hit, passed on, and BAM! If you look down your nose at spot runs you might not care, but I love a good spot blitz and one sure hit then. For about the next 3 hours big spot were flying over the railings. As a bonus, the pompano started hitting again too. My problem was that I had a better chance of breaking into Ft. Knox than of getting into prime spot-catching territory. So, taking stock of the lowering tide, I headed to deep water and reasoned that maybe the fish would soon show up there.
They did, for just awhile. It was long enough for me to land 8 of the big spots. They were hitting bloodworms and cut shrimp equally. I also caught a big pompano on cut pinfish (I am not making that up!) and a few blues on cut mullet. But I got my biggest surprise when a 2 lb snapper blue hit my top bloodworm bait and preceded to wrap my rig around those of the 7 fishermen next to me. That’s okay though—blues that size are my wife’s favorite and help make up for my day’s absence.
All in all it was a good pier fishing day. I never got close to the heart of the spot blitz, but I didn’t end up bored. Not a great haul, but a good start on some fall fishing that promises to be good for fishermen and cooks everywhere. If you want to see my catch click on www.jeffreyweeks.com/bogueinlet.htm
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