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Though the forecast had the wind turning W/NW in the evening, I took my chances and headed to Emerald Isle and Bogue Inlet pier on Friday 21OCT. Stopped at Dudley's on the way in to pick up some fresh shrimp since BIP did not have, but they did not have it either. Splurged for bloodworms.
I started bottom fishing from the surf ~noon right before high tide. 4 oz would not hold so I moved to the pier about an hour later. First cast - pigfish, which became cut bait. Second cast - 14" bluefish on cut bait. And that was pretty much it for the afternoon. Action was slooooooow up and down the pier so I saved my bait and energy for the evening. Wind picked up and light rain chased most folks off the pier ~6:30 PM. I stuck it out but my persistence was not rewarded. After a few beers and a nap I managed couple of whiting and a couple of spots for the cooler, but those darned baitstealers were a real nuisance. Closed up shop ~12:30 AM.

Threw metal from the surf for about at hour and sunrise but no luck. Took a stroll on the pier and things looked pretty quiet, so I wrapped up shop and headed back to Raleigh.

Back to the bloodworms - I dont use them often. I grabbed a bag, saw some fattys, took it and bought it. Some of the fellas in there turned out to be dog$h1t - I've seen red wigglers with more meat on them.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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