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Blues hitting PLO?

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Are blues hitting PLO yet?
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Nope! Not yet. My friend caught spots, so they'll be here soon.
Thanks Tunafish!

Are blues in May big as ones in the fall? Last fall I caught a blue 24 inches at PLO.
JangWuah, the biggest Blues I catch are usually in the fall.
There choppers off romancoke the second week of october..bring some long shank hooks :)
Hey guys..

What would be consider as a chopper?

5 pounds and up? 10 pounds and up?

Oh yeah...one more thing...

If you do catch early bule at the PLO,make sure you stop by Rick's Marina on your way out because Rick gives away new rod and reel combo every year for 1 st blue of the season....... a friend of mine won 3 years ago,,,, good luck...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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