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Blues and ?? at night

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My son and I went out over the weekend to night fish with frozen finger mullet at the beach near Vero. We missed the first 4-5 hits then we each got a nice sized blue. Mine was 4 pounds, my son's was about 5 pounds. He caught another of about 4 pounds. Later, something real big hammered his bait and took off for Africa. It cut the 100# mono in short order. Either a shark or a blue several times bigger than the 5 pounder he caught earlier. This was a lot of activity in about an hour or so!
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Sounds like a good time!
That sounds like a blast. In the past I have had sharks hit mullit when blues are present. Get some wire leader :D Wish we had some good night fishing beaches round here. Tight lines
Thats great to here.I have family in Vero and will visiting in late May.Thanks for the report it realy helps.
I got an email from someone asking where we did the night fishing. I live in an oceanside community with access to the beach. It takes about 3 minutes to get down there. It is in the South Beach portion of Vero Beach, just south of the 17th St. Bridge. I asked about nite fishing at the tackle shop and they told me sharks are thick along with blues at nite. A finger mullet or half of one is fine for the blues and I was told that larger mullet or chunks of mullet/blue-fish were good for the sharks. Lots of sea weed lately, but when it clears out we will try it at nite again.
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