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Bloods between DC and SPSP

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I am going to SPSP again tonight, and I am wondering where the best place to get some blood worms might be. I usually get them in B-more. I will be leaving NW DC this evening around 6:30. Thanks for any info you can provide. :)
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Hey Oldbay,

if you dont mind going over to St.Barnabas Rd. then you can stop in at Holiday Sports. They let you inspect your worms before you buy them. Ill be pickingme up some tomorrow. When i get mine they are usually nice and plump. The service there is great and the people are nice. Good luck at SPSP and i look forward to your report later. Here is the address for Holiday Sports.

4520 St. Barnabas Road
Temple Hills, MD 20748

No Boozin

WW, I did have some luck at SPSP on Friday night. The weather turned out to be absolutely beautiful!! I am glad I didn't listen to weather.com. We caught a few croaker on bloods and then got kicked out of the park because my friend was drinking beer in the car. He knew he wasn't supposed to be drinking in the car, but did anyway and got us booted. I had planned to stay until morning but we were forced to leave before midnight. I am going today to try to make up for lost time. :)
Ya they are really strict at SPSP which I think that is good because it keeps out the people that shouldn't be there at night and also catches those without a license and those who keep undersized fish.
I agree, Reddog. That dude won't be joining me at SPSP again. I forgot to mention that the marina at SPSP sells bloods but they are sold out. :(
If you're coming from I-495/95 and getting onto Route 50, there's a Walmart somewhere off of Route 50 a few miles after you get on it. It's a few miles out of your way but they carry bloodworms but we called last time and they were out. You might wanna call them first before you stop by. If you're fishing for croaker, I would stick with shrimp. We even caught a striper and 2 perch using shrimp. If I were you, I'd stick with shrimp. You can get a pound of shrimp for the price of a dozen bloodworms and a pound can go a long way. Tightlines :)

WW, good suggestion. Are you using the raw shrimp from the grocery store? I think that is what I am going to go with. Thanks.
Try to use fresh shrimp and not the frozen kind. The fresher they are, the more likely they'll stay on the hook. I don't go out of my way to get shrimp so I just get them at Giant or something. You could get shrimps with heads and etc but I'm lazy :D
SPSP Last Night

Fished SPSP last night from about 8-10. Caught 2 nice croaker on shrimp, to the Right of the point. They were both caught on my 12 footer, I didnt even get a hit on the 9 or 10.5 foot rods. I guess the croaks are way out. It was nice to see LongRanger and to meet JamCaster. I hope you guys did well. Summer School starts tonight 6-9:30. Guess I am back to being a weekend warior.
Good to see you didn't go home empty handed :) For some reason, those big fish are far out there.
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