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Biggest Fish this year

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I know I ask this once already but in checking the other boards the action seems to be picking up so Who wants to brag
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24" Blue, 17" flattie, 18" croaker. other species too small to measure :eek:
Me a approximately 3' round ray. My wife a 39" red. damn why did you have to remind me. :confused:
Working on it

No bragging rights yet but we sure as hell are working on it.:D
22" tog and a 19" croaker. Does a 36" eel count?:--->

A 19"Flounder,30"Striper,and a 35" Striper maybe I 'll catch that almost 4lb Weakie like I did last year.
24 inch [email protected]
30 inch rock
2.5lb croaker
a few nice sea mullet!
all from the surf
seemed to have missed my drum from the surf this spring......
43" red

6'? Hammerhead I lost at the pier base

and the huge f'ing shark I lost tonight. Yeah, I'm still mad about it.:mad:
My first flounder of about 14 inches
1 1/2 pound croaker (by far my biggest)
Just caught a few 17 inch croakers tonight and a 9 1/2 lb tautog. Haven't had a chance to catch other species.
i have been doing really good this year (sarcasm).

25 lb ray on 8 lb test.
30 lb ray on 12
Greetings All!

Hooked two horseshoe crabs doing the nasty on my last trip out -- do I measure them together or seperately?

With the lousy Spring weather this year, I'm saving all my fishin' luck for the Fall Blitz (except for my Chesapeake Charter in August!) Other than that I'll probably be drifting minnows at Capt Andy's, hoping for the big money fish....

Yo Catman! did you salt that eel? Great cat bait (you have to cut it off the hook when you're done with it!)
Yo Sand Flea!

That was my first post using the new format, and I noticed I'm listed as an "Old Salt" and not a "supporter." I'd rather be listed as a "supporter" if its OK with you....

Joseph M Fellman aka Manayunk Jake
A couple of Black Tip sharks only about 24 to 30 inches.Small but fiesty on light tackel.A lso been getting some nice eaten Walleyes back home here at Clear Lake,Iowa.
umm, a 6 inch croaker? sorry. only been out twice in the last 9 months.
My Biggest and Smallest fish

My biggest was a 21" Croaker that took a swim in Lake Crisco. My smallest was actually cute, so my wife thought. It was a 2" striper that I caught when we went to SPSP on the day the cleanup was supposed to happen.........Tight Lines

from the pier: 20" across stingray at garden city

from saltwater: 40" king trollin' the gulfstream

from freshwater: don't wanna talk about it

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