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Between Matapeake and Bay Bridge

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Out about noon today.

Caught about 8 white perch (nothin' to write home about 5" - 9"), a catfish (first this year), an eel (another first this year) and two, yes two hards (13" and 18") worth taking home, but ain't complaining, enough for me.

Tried peeler and bloods.
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Monday 7/14- a dozen small rock (13-18" and one 20") under KN bridges using alewife on the bottom.

Same today Tues 7/15 except no 20".

Outgoing tide from 7:00-10:00 AM

Shaggy, when you say "between Mata and Bay Bridge" where do you mean? Is there some public beach/land in the area that can be used to cast off of?


You missed me by 15 minutes on Tuesday. I was there from 5 to 6:45 am casting lures. Action was pretty much the same.
Jedi_Angler, community area just across the Bay Bridge. If ever interested in making the trek across the bridge, send me a PM. Have some crazy hours (days, nights and weekends), but always have time to clear my mind fishing.
Sounds good

Thanks man. Sounds good and will do, definitely.
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