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Cdog on the Bunker I have questioned several of the local shops about the fresh vs frozen. The general responce has been the people who net the bunker are doing it for the crab or chum industry. To them being real fresh is not a issue. But then again I remember going to Buckroe to fish for Cobia and snag my bunker or catch a few spot, now it is buy eels.
As far as the shops I like best I have a hardtime with it because they do different things. For bait Buckroe Bait and Tackle, and Grafton Fishing Supply(both are seafood markets) For Lures and terminal Bishops and Ocean East(I have not been to II yet). Reels and parts Princes Anne is the Queen for sure. I have not found my way to Long Pointe, Raughes and Chesapeake B&T. Sandy Point looks like a place that will bend over backwards for you as does Capt Hogges. I cannot forget the 2 places for Bait in Gloucester Point A&J supply and Old Hookers(they close to early in the season.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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